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Definition of A-Register
A-Register contains survey number and sub-division number of a particular revenue village.  There is separate A-register for each and every revenue village. This standard A-register record will show the changes village land details from time to time. The process in order to make register for any changes in future, there is intercalation empty papers in between respective survey numbers in the A-register.

It is also uses another supporting document while purchase a particular property. It is possible to avoid buying such fraudulent properties by obtaining certified copy of document and verifying A-register.

A-register contains village details under:
1.Village Name, 2. Location, 3. Extent and Boundary, 4. Population, 5. Wet and Dry details, 6. Irrigation details, 7. Well and pumpsets, 8. Tax details

People have to spend lot of money and time for obtain the above revenue records for their property because of this entirely due to the usage of the above revenue documents. In these cause, estatebusinesstoday.com taking into consideration on loss of people’s  valuable time, frustration and time delay, This revenue records form is especially designed for and on behalf of the clients and they can use this form by filling a necessary details.


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Enter one of the Survey Number and Subdivision Number relating to above Patta Number
1. If Survey Number is 258/7A, please enter 258 in Survey Number, 7A in Subdivision Number and click Submit
2. If Survey Number is 258, please enter 258 in Survey Number, leave Subdivision Number blank and click Submit
District: Patta No:
Taluk: Survey No :
Village Name: Sub-Division No:

Extent of the Property :

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I authorize EstateBusinessToday.com to A-Register on my behalf for my comfort and convenience as I am unable to apply directly at the consent government department.
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